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Jay Burton: Artist Statement | Jay Burton Photography

Artist Statement

My current work is about sensuality and suggestion. It is all macrophotography-based and is presented with very little post-processing other than cropping and arrangement. The pieces, which probably fall into the category of “meditation,” are mostly abstract and are intended to be evocative of moods and emotions and desires.

The grids are the most complex pieces and work on multiple levels: the first is comprised of the individual images themselves. Then there are the connections, interactions, and relationships created by juxtaposition among adjacent images. Next is the new larger, more complex organic entity created by the arranged pieces. And finally, there is the reflection of the grid and all its levels on the original subject. Of course, what the viewer sees and does not see depends in part on what he/she brings to the work. The grid itself is just the framework on which to hang things—an orderly structure to facilitate juxtaposition.

The abstract non-gridded works also present meditative studies of the sensual that also invite viewers to overlay their own metaphorical interpretation onto the pieces. This combination of contribution can yield a much-enriched aesthetic experience.

Because of the nature of the imagery, both abstract and traditional, it is hoped that the pieces will strike a responsive chord in the viewer, serving to facilitate a collaboration between artist and audience.